HDMI’s! Anyone ever encounter this issue?! ::

Since I started playing games like Toshinden and Rage Racer on Playstation Classic, it seemingly felt like the controls were choppy and clunky. Not a big deal for games like Final Fantasy VII and Wild Arms, but it definitely takes away from action-oriented games.

Then yesterday, I started using the same HDMI cable I used from the Playstation Classic, to replay some NES Classic games. And shit, like seriously, I thought at first something was wrong with my TV getting input (I changed TV’s from a 10-year old LG 1080P LCD to a newer LG 4K LED TV). Ninja Gaiden felt that same choppy/clunky, delayed reaction in controls and input that I was getting from the Playstation Classic. It was either that, or my skills seriously became sucky McSuckSuck in less than a year. I didn’t change anything on the NES Classic.

Praying that it was just the HDMI cable, I switched and used the one I have hooked up to the PS4. Oh, like magic, the NES Classic starts playing normally again. Plus, there isn’t a noticeable delay in the LED TV fading in to a brighter, more colorful picture. That split-second reaction and response time is essential to games like Ninja Gaiden and Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. Gameplay felt sharp as I could pull off a no-death speed-run again for Ninja Gaiden.  

Then I used the same PS4 HDMI, and plugged that back into the Playstation Classic. Oh, well you look at that? The Playstation Classic games no longer feel sloppy.

Who knew there could be such a dramatic difference in HDMI cables? Especially when both were sourced by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PS4 and Playstation Classic?